MFactory Services

project 1

Custom App Development

CategorySoftware Development
PlatformCross Platform
SupportsBoth mobile and desktop applications
IndustryEducation, Project Management, Insurance, Business, and more Apps

Our Applications are responsive in a way that there is no need to create multiple website for accommodating both mobile and desktop clients.

project 2

Digital Content Digitisation

CategoryInteractive Books
PlatformCross Platform(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
SupportsView from SmartPhones, Tablet, Laptops, and Desktop Devices
IndustryEducation, Project Management, Insurance, Business, and more Apps

We provide services for digitalizing books. We transform physical books into interactive books that can be viewed by Mobile and Desktop clients.

project 3

Mobile applications training

CategorySkill Development
StreamInformation Communication and Technology
ParticipantsBoth Experienced and Inexpedience Users
Teaching MethodDigitally and Face-to-Face Interaction

We specialise in enhancing both mobile and web application development. We also offer trainings regarding topics related to ICT.

  • project 1

    Custom App Developemt

    Cross Platform Apps

  • project 2

    Interactive Books

    Digitalizing Hard copy Books

  • project 3

    Skill Development Trainings

    Enhancing Skills towards developing Web and Mobile Applications